Friday, February 1, 2013

Kindle Fire HD - LOVE Review

Kindle Fire - The World's Most Advanced 7" Tablet

I'm sold!  At $199.00 I wasn't sure that this tablet was going to do all that was promised on the Amazon site, but I'm glad to say I was proven wrong!  This is one amazing toy, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  For the record I will say up front that I read books, surf the web, and watch movies for the most part on this device.  For my purposes, it's actually more than I ever bargained for.  Occasionally I'll check my Facebook  and the kids like the games and it works just as well for that purpose as well.

The first thing that really amazed me was the picture quality.  As a former Ipad user I was very worried about picture quality, something I needn't have been concerned with.  The pictures are so clear and crisp I might even venture to say it's better than my former iPad.  The sound system is the second thing that blew me away.  When my family tells me to turn the thing down because they can't hear their shows, you know you've got a great sound system on board.

I hesitated for a few months on buying this or an iPad mini, and I have no doubt that I made the right purchase with the Kindle Fire HD.  My former iPad was still usable but the screen was cracked horribly after a spill onto my tile floor.  To replace the screen I was quoted a $139.00 price tag by a dealer in town, and that got me thinking instead of replacing the screen why not replace the device.  So I did and now consider myself a happy Kindle Fire User.

Thanks Amazon for a great product!  I absolutely LOVE this! 

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