Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's Make Love

With today's hectic schedules, sometimes couples forget to take time to nurture the one person who makes life a little brighter, their partner! What better way to show your partner how desirable they are than by worshiping their bodies?  Today at Tears of Crimson, we'd like to talk a little about erogenous zones, and how to bring your partner the ultimate pleasure in the bedroom.

Take notes, there will be a test later! (Okay there won't be a test, but we would like to hear back from you about how you put this to work, and your partners reaction.)  There are the obvious places on the male and female body that give pleasure, and we're going to hope you've already figured those out.  If not, well there's very little we can do to help except encourage you to get a better feel for human anatomy, pun intended!

A place often forgotten by both sexes, is behind the knees.  Massaging, or kissing in this delicate area, while sometimes ticklish, creates a incredible sensation that should never be overlooked.  The abs and the belly button are also wonderful places to lightly caress and stimulate that often get over looked and should instead be a focus.  Try a light scented oil or lotion and let your hands explore to discover how well your partner reacts to the sensation.

The feet are filled with pressure points and who doesn't love a great foot massage.  The trick behind the sensation is to find just the right amount of pressure, so it doesn't become a tickle fest and instead leaves your partner moaning in pleasure.  Light touches and kisses on the neck and ears are also wonderful ways to show your significant other just how much their pleasure means to you.  Don't forget the scalp! Most ladies can tell you that when their stylist washes their hair it's an incredibly relaxing feeling.  You can take that same sensation out of the salon and make it happen without water and shampoo with a tender massage here.

All of these areas can cause incredible sensations, but the one most overlooked is the mind.  Nothing is sexier than having a lover whisper in your ear, with a little nibble to the earlobe, about how sexy they find you.  Gentlemen, a word to the wise here, sexy not vulgar is the key here.  Ladies, most men actually enjoy having you talk dirty to them.  Stimulate the mind, and the body usually climbs on board!

While great pleasure can be found in stimulating the known areas of pleasure of the human body, the above places will give your lover a treat and hopefully increase a night of sensual lovemaking.  So what are you waiting for?  Let's Make Love!

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