Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Joseph Aquilino - Guest Host Tears of Crimson Debut 11-12

Joseph Aquilino
CEO/Creator at JGF Organization 11-12 Host

Tears of Crimson is excited to welcome Joseph Aquilino to the Tears of Crimson debut.  Remember you can chat live with Joey for the next hour at

Hello my name is Joseph Aquilino, I'm the influencial and respected leader and CEO of the #JGF Family on twitter, newly expanded to facebook... We are people who are respected and influential in the community and on the internet... I am 18 in the world out of 33,000 in Fast Company magazine as most influencial in the world on the internet (November issue)... I'm from Staten Island, NY, born in Manhattan, have a creative and innovative mind and will have a series of shows on this great network. Believes in the entrepenteurial spirit and believes in legacy and organization over all else... I give back to causes, services and charities... I have a very giving and humble man with a message of unity, love, respect and peace... This will be seen through my shows on this network. Staten Island's Own Joeygiggles is in the house and I'm just getting started !!! Been doing this for 4 years on blogtalkradio and have 90,000+ listeners whether it be live, download or archive... Thanks for you're support all and please invite you're friends!

The Roman Empire vs. America is an in-depth look at America and the Roman Empire, both in similarity and in difference. It discusses opinions of different books, authors, writers and most importantly, it has my opinion. This book looks at three important facets of every empire or country..economics, politics and social structure. The author compares and explains the differences between the Roman Empire and the American Empire. If you like an opinionated and detailed read, this book is for you. A great deal of research went into writing this, so I hope you all enjoy reading and form your own opinions of the similarities and differences between Rome and America.

Discover more about Joey by following his links:

Twitter:       @Joey Giggles

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