Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S.C. Edward - Guest Host 12-1 Tears of Crimson Debut

S.C. Edward

Author of Southern Tide and Wicked Angel 12-1 Host

Tears of Crimson is excited to welcome S.C. Edward to the Tears of Crimson debut.  Remember you can chat live with S.C for the next hour at https://www.facebook.com/events/941586775981926/992302007577069/  

Wicked Angel
Jace Avery is a man with more than a few problems. Although the son of a millionaire, he still has to deal with a patronizing father, a beautiful, yet distant girlfriend, and a brother who is always out to get him. Only one thing is his safe haven from all of it; his guardian angel, Lily. She is both a colleague, and a friend. After a series of disasters, she decides to take Jace on the wildest ride of his life; revealing secrets of her own, and turning him into the powerful man he was meant  to be.

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Southern Tide I

During her road trip, Cat runs into a little car trouble and is forced to shelter from a handsome stranger. She becomes stranded in his home due to the terrible storm, and as the days go by, the two become more and more attracted to each other. Along with the brewing storm, more trouble comes their way to stir things up; testing the waters of their new relationship.

Southern Tide II
This story follows the popular Southern Tide cast a year later. Kiara and Brian had always been at odds with each other. Now, a year later the tension is gone and new desires arise. Will Brian be able to be quell his impetuous nature? Will Kiara allow her past, and so called disadvantages to hold her back from true love? Only time will tell.

                          Bio for SC Edward

SC Edward is an author of Caribbean decent, who grew up in the Big Apple. She focuses on the Interracial Romance and Erotica genres, and weaves beautiful tales of passion, which also relate to many topics that are dear to her heart. She pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as normal, and promotes ideas of self-acceptance and feminine pride. Her goal is to represent the average, and overweight women in her writings. Join her as she takes you through the workings of her adventurous and erotic mind.

Visit SC on her site:  http://nixes1017.wix.com/sc-edward

SC on Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSCEdward

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