Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lord Chaz- Guest Host Tears of Crimson Debut 6-7

Lord Chaz New Orleans Vampire Tours 6-7 Host

Tears of Crimson is excited to welcome Lord Chaz to the Tears of Crimson debut.  Remember you can chat live with Chaz for the next hour at

Lord Chaz, creator of the first nightly Ghost and Vampire Tours in New Orleans, has brought together the best macabre history of New Orleans to create the most entertaining and theatrical walking tours in the French Quarter.

As the shadows grow long and the sun dives behind the horizon, Lord Chaz emerges to lead brave tour participants through the darker areas of the French Quarter on the re-vamped (no pun intended) French Quarter Ghost and Vampire Tour. Featuring a few NEW stories as well as a selection of old favorites, it is a new version of his extremely popular tour that is sure to chill you to the bone.

Our Ghost and Vampire Tour is our premier event. The tour leaves nightly from Johnny White’s Hole in the Wall, 718 Bourbon Street at 7:30pm. Adult ticket prices are $25, call or text 504-638-2895 for reservations.

New Orleans has a colorful and often tragic history. Join the Master Storytellers that created New Orleans original Ghost and Vampire Tours for an incomparable walk through the streets of the French Quarter, and an in depth examination of a grim, and darker side of history.

Hear of the infamous murders, suicides, and other tragedies that have inspired such famous authors as Anne Rice, Poppy Z. Brite and Robert Lynn Asprin. Walk down darkened streets as our skilled raconteurs use their words to paint pictures in your mind and show you the TRUE stories of the French Quarter really are stranger than fiction.

What is a ghost? What is a haunting? What is the difference between a vampire of fiction, and those of history or legend? Find out the answers to these intriguing questions on New Orleans Original Paranormal Expedition.

Our Cemetery Tour visits St. Louis #1. This Tour runs Thursday – Saturday at 11am leaving from Johnny White’s Hole in the Wall, 718 Bourbon Street. Adult tickets are $25. For reservations, please call or text 504-638-2895.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 is the oldest still standing cemetery in New Orleans. See several examples of early entombment, as well as the more common modern mausoleum style tombs. We’ll show you the graves of such notables as Homer Plessy, Bernard de Marigny, Paul Morphy, and Marie Laveau.

Lord Chaz is an entertainer living in New Orleans Louisiana. Actor, author, musician, street theatre performer, he dips his razor sharp taloned fingers into almost every form of entertainment available. Though not originally born in New Orleans, he has made New Orleans his home for so long that few can remember the city when it did not have Lord Chaz prowling its nightlife. 

Creator of the New Orleans ghost and vampire tours, he has performed his “Vampire Street Theatre” for 23 years as of this writing. He is the Grande Master of Ceremonies and on-stage host of several New Orleans annual vampire events including The Dark Cotillion, Endless Night, Fangtasia, The Mirror Masquerade, and together with Maven, Adora, Ross, and Alexander, he co-produces and performs the internet podcast show “Bite Me! Vampire TV.” 

You’ll find him prominently featured in the music video “Borderline” by The 69 Eyes as well as a promotional video for the upcoming Cradle of Filth graphic novel; “The Curse of the Venus Aversa.” He has appeared in several movies and numerous television shows including “Strange Universe, America’s Best Ghost Stories, Haunted America, and a cameo appearance on the second season of the E Network show, The Girls Next Door. Lord Chaz is considered by many to be the eldest known Vampyre in the New Orleans Vampyre sub culture.

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