Monday, November 19, 2012

A New Day... A New Daydream

Harnessing the Power of a Positive Attitude
By:  Tammie Clarke Gibbs

I’ve been told I should have been a motivational speaker.  I reply by saying, “I am” because I try to motivate every time I open my mouth or touch the keyboard with my fingertips.  I’ve been blessed, I guess with a gift that allows me to look past the shallow and sometimes demanding nature of others and see through to the positive and gifted person within.  I know. We are surrounded by negativity. Open any newspaper, magazine or online venue and you are bombarded by negative expressions.  It can be very depressing, and it can be very difficult to rise above the attitude of others.  It’s necessary.

Today is a new day. This hour is a new hour. This minute is a new minute. We are surrounded by newness that we overlook with frequency.  When we wake up in the morning, we should value the sunrise for what it is “an amazing new opportunity for change.” 

The only way that we can achieve anything is to resolve that we want to. Goal setting is important because it gives us a framework to hang all our hopes and dreams and a way to measure our progress. Whether you’re a reader or an author, it doesn’t matter we all have a basic need for accomplishment, whether it’s a business or personal goal.

There are a few things that no one controls but us.  The major one is attitude. Our attitude is an extremely personal thing yet it has the power to influence others and essentially cause a domino effect.  How is your attitude affecting your ability to reach your goals?  If a negative attitude could help you achieve even one of your goals I’d say go on be negative, but it won’t it will only have the opposite effect.  A positive attitude alone may not. 

How do you change an attitude and regain that optimism you once had? Well, take a lesson from childhood and rediscover the art of DAYDREAMING.  Find a quiet place for some alone time.  It could be in your room on your bed, beside a pool or on a pallet in the woods. Close your eyes and let your mind wander to places that only it can. Allow the real world to melt away and call upon your inner child because the child within was never afraid to dream and began life full of optimism.  If you find it difficult the first time, don’t give up because it’s taken years to develop the attitude you’re wearing. If you’re willing to change, to recapture the part of you that feeds your self-confidence you can.  

DAYDREAM and learn to use your imagination again because all the biggest contributions to mankind were first an idea as small as a grain of sand in someone’s imagination.
If you’re not achieving what you want to, and you’re not happy with your life the way it is, you owe it to yourself to try anything that will spark that renewed energy to face the world again with fresh eyes, a new attitude and effect it in a positive way.

The world around us cannot change until we change. We can only change the world as one-person  changes and then another and then another.

Without a dream, nothing is accomplished, but without some work dreams cannot be accomplished.  So, how does one tackle the obstacles between their real-life situation and the goals their imagination has set for them? By treating them as if they are something we can achieve. 

Here are a few tips:
1. Write your goals down.
2. Research what you will have to do in order to reach your goals.
3. Then, divide those tasks up and determine the path to take to achieve each of the minor objectives.
4. Start at the beginning.  Many goals are not reached because of poor planning and a lack of focus.  

We all love a short cut but in most cases taking a short cut may prevent you from reaching an otherwise obtainable goal.

The most important suggestion I can make to you whatever your goals may be is to “do something.”  Don’t just allow your dreams to fade away.  Today is the day to reach for the stars.

Tammie Clarke Gibbs has over twenty years in marketing and graphic arts. She has two novels and several non-fiction titles that are published and was a nominee for the 2001 Georgia Author of the Year Awards.  In addition, she spends time helping her fellow authors to achieve their goals through assistance with everything from marketing plans to cover art.  The first book in her new 8-Hours Series for authors hit three Amazon Bestseller’s lists on the first day of publication and is receiving rave reviews for it’s easy to follow, step-by-step advice. 

Forget about spending 8 Hours a day on promoting your book. For less than a value meal you’ll learn how to take just 8 hours and invest them in actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future. Don’t you owe it to yourself to reclaim your life?

Authors are sick and tired of spending every minute of the day promoting themselves and their books. It doesn’t have to be that way. 8 Hours to Jump Start Your Career: A Step-by-Step Guide for Self-Published Authors shows you how to invest just 8 hours into actionable tasks that will pay dividends into the future freeing you up to do other things. These are not tasks thought up overnight they are the results of over 2 years of research and personal experimentation. I cannot guarantee that it will make you a Bestseller, but many who’ve followed the tasks outlined in the book can now boast that Bestseller status. Spend it with family, go on vacation, or write your next book it’s all up to you. What will you do with all that time you’re going to have?

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