Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Tears of Crimson Review

This review is not for the haters of Twilight who will not understand how the song above left this writer in tears as she watched the end of an era.    It's doubtful that anyone but a true Twilight lover could understand how hard it was to leave the seats even as the world went dark and there was nothing left to do but say goodbye to characters that became as much a part of our world as those who truly lived in it.

Breaking Dawn II was a very emotional experience that left me forgoing the popcorn and soda to watch enraptured as the ending played out every detail in stunning artistic mastery.  There was not a dull moment from start to finish in this masterpiece.  The beauty of Bella's transformation into vampire, incredibly well produced.  Her strength, and how she masterfually fit into the creature it was apparent she was always meant to be, flawless.  It recalled memories from the awkward teenager that she began as into the powerful woman and mother she became.

Finally we see a glimpse of happiness for Jacob with his bond to Reneseme, and it filled this writer's heart with joy.  A small glimpse into how their future would unfold was given through a vision with Alice, which mends the heartbreak of the relationship between himself and Bella.  All the ends were tied up perfectly and it was the one thing that made watching this come to an end bareable.

The Amazons, 'Dracula one and Two', and Benjamin's powers, when they joined the Cullen family to prepare to 'witness', were just as dymanic as the book and it was portrayed incredibly.  Bella's ability to shield was shown in just the right way.  All in all the group of Vampires were everything and more than in the books.

There was a trickery scene that had all the watchers cringing, and I won't spoil except to say that sighs were heard all over the theater when it was found to be a vision.  The best movie of the year in this writer's opinion.  Funny, emotional, exciting, everything that you could ever want in a movie.  The crowd erupted in cheers as the credits began to play, and there were also tears shared from fans that will never forget the Twilight experience!


  1. Thank you for this review!!! I am taking three teenagers tomorrow after watching a marathon of the movies tonight. we are ALL excited!!!

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