Friday, November 9, 2012

Alexander Skarsgard and 50 Shades

First, please don't sue me Calvin Klein for sharing your commericial!  I'm spreading the love for you and Alexander Skarsgard here!  If you want to know why I think Alexander is perfect for the role of Christian Grey, then watch the video.  Add that to the dungeon scene he did in Fangtasia, and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out he's got what it takes to pull it off!

I lust this man, anything he plays in I'm going to watch and there is so much sensuality that drips from every scene he does that I just don't see how there can be another choice.  I love Ian Somerhalder, don't get me wrong, the Vampire Diaries is a phenomenal show and he's got a different kind of sex appeal.  That being said, he's not someone I see being a Dominant.  When I think of Alexander Skarsgard I could see him pulling that off in real life (sorry if that's not your thing Mr. Skarsgard).  

Need a definition of 50 Shades of F'ed up?  Consider Skarsgard in Straw Dogs.  The rape scene (I'm still out on if she wanted him and not the other guy but let's say it was a rape scene) proved that he could pull off the whole 50 Shades persona.  This role was made for him (even if James was thinking Edward from Twilight when she wrote it).  I want him in this role, if it made a difference I would get down on my knees and beg them to give it to him.

Did anyone notice for the first time in forever I'm writing first person for the Tears of Crimson Blog?  That's how seriously I feel about this.  I'm sure no one in Hollywood is caring what I think at the moment, but my hope is that if enough people agree, that they'll actually listen.  Give Skarsgard the Christian Grey Role!  Make my dreams come true LOL!


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