Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fan Fiction Returns to Tears of Crimson

As many of the readers of this blog in years past know, Michelle Hughes started her writing career with True Blood Fan Fiction.  Cara Faith Donovan from the Tears of Crimson Vampire Series was created from one of the fictional characters she created to play in the world of Bon Temps.  As lovers of Fan Fiction we wanted to open up our world of fantasy to other fan fic writers and have decided to share steamy stories from all of our great Friends of Crimson that love writing in this format.

We will be sharing Fan Fiction from every show, if it's sexy, we want to share it.  It doesn't have to be vampires, but of course we welcome that as well.  Have you ever been inspired to write a short story after watching a show or reading a book?  Well this is your time to shine as well.  Many authors got their start this way, including bestseller E.L. James!

So how does this work?  You send us your story via email here and in the subject line put Re:  Fan Fiction and we'll format it into a blog post (example) and include links back to your site (if you want them) and put it under the tab Fan Fic here at Tears of Crimson.  We'll share your story on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.  Due to copyright laws we can't include pictures that belong to others, unless they are hand drawn by you or given permission by the artist.  Include in your post what show or book the fan fic comes from, unless it's an original short story based off your own imagination.

Fan Fiction is a great way to build up a new fan base for your writing.  We can't wait to read some of the stories you're going to share!

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