Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vampire Rules According to Gabe

Gabe being the dominating force he is demanded that I share these vampire rules with all my human friends.  I won't go into most of that conversation, because seriously it wasn't fitting for polite company.  I was told to inform every human before addressing him that they would need to understand these rules and comply.  Those that chose not to comply he would be pleased to teach them proper etiquette in a private dungeon visit later.  I don't make the rules so please if you have any comments address them to Master Gabriel   Below I have included his rules with a parting comment.  I do hope you're not offended but as a Vampire he left me little choice and I was forced to follow his command.

Let me make this much easier as I know humans have a hard time submitting to a true Master. 

#Vampire rule 1 Kneel in our presence

#Vampire rule 2 humans only speak when spoken to

#Vampire Rule 3 We are the rulers of this world you are simply nutrition learn your role

#Vampire Rule 4 We can bend your mind and body to our will so save yourself the energy and give in quickly

#Vampire Rule 5 You cannot defeat us, even if you manage in your weakness to destroy one of us there are thousands of other waiting

#Vampire Rule 6 If we summon you we expect immediate respect. We have no desire to play games unless it pleases us as a diversion

Gabe has also demanded that I inform you that humans do make enjoyable pets with the proper training.  As I said before these are his words and while I most certainly do not agree with his point of view, I do enjoy keeping my blood so I adhere to these rules in his company.  

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