Monday, December 5, 2011

A Small Taste of Crimson - Vampire Romance

 “I am going to worship every inch of your body before this night has ended lover,” lifting her leg he removed one shoe then lifted the other leg doing the same. He made quick work of her skirt and underwear until she stood before him naked and trembling in the moonlight. He gazed over her full breasts and felt his fangs ache with the need to sink into the tender flesh and taste her bounty. With a feral growl he quickly stripped himself of his clothes.
I couldn’t breathe as I looked at him. His muscular thighs were so perfectly formed as were his long legs. He turned his back on me for a moment to lay our clothing over a dry boulder. I groaned softly as his perfect backside filled my vision. Everything about him was beautiful and a shiver of pleasure moved throughout my body. He turned back to me with a small smirk on his face reading my mind and I blushed deeply.
You my lover exemplify perfection,” he walked toward her slowly watching as her eyes widen slowly enjoying the blush on her cheek and the wanton thoughts moving through her mind in such a startling contrast. Walking over he lifted her naked body into his arms and walked into the warm creek that led to the waterfall. As the cascading water fell on their bodies he slowly lowered her to her feet sliding her silken skin against his hard body until she stood before him. His shaft throbbed with the need to feel her silken folds engulfing him and he fought desperately for a last shred of control.
My breath caught as I felt him against me. The feel of the water flowing over my heated skin and the touch of his fingers as he stroked my sensitive flesh was so incredibly erotic I felt my core tense almost painfully. “Please Rafe,” I begged him to hurry not wanting to wait as his fingers slowly slid into me moving in a sensuous rhythm that mimicked making love.
As her warm honeyed dew drenched his fingers he groaned loudly at the need to possess her. Sliding his fingers from her clenching folds he lowered to his knees before her, lifting her leg over his shoulder as his mouth lapped the sweet essence of her. Her soft cry of passion fueled him on and his hands moved to the smooth roundness of her ass pulling her even closer as his tongue teased her core.
Oh God Rafe please!” , I was coming undone and knew at any moment I would lose my balance as the tremors of fulfillment moved over me in waves so strong they left my breathless. Whimpering helplessly as he continued his gentle assault I feared I would die from the pleasure of his kiss.
He loved the taste of her on his lips and it took all of his control to lift his mouth from her. He lifted her into his arms and moved over to a smooth, flat boulder. Setting her on her feet he moved to lay down calling her with his mind to join with him. He felt the small hesitation as she understood his desire and smiled as she allowed passion to take the reins and moved over him. Her beautiful thighs parted as she straddled him and his hands reached up to guide her head towards him capturing her full lips for a brief moment before pulling away. “Show me the passion that burns inside of you lover,” he ached to feel her silken flesh meshed with his. No restraints did he want when they loved, every feeling she had he demanded she give over to him.
Biting my lip as his words shook me to the core I lowered myself slowly on his steel sword with agonizing slowness. I wanted to savor ever delicious inch of him and forget the entire world outside of the two us. I couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped as he filled me completely. My body stretched to accommodate his long length and I moved slightly feeling the incredible friction. Throwing my head back in wanton abandonment I discovered a slow rhythm and rode him feeling the crescendo building with every stroke. I felt incredibly alive as I gave over to the passion that only he could inspire me to give. My breath escaped in soft pants as I felt my core tighten and overflow much like the roar of the fall that surrounded us.
Feeling her come undone his hands moved to her hips and increased the rhythm, driving into her with strong thrusts until his body erupted forcefully filling her with his essence. Wrapping his hands into her hair he drew her neck down to his mouth and allowed his fangs to pierce her quickly. The sweet taste of her blood causing his shaft to twitch to life again and he knew he would never be satiated. Her soft moans of pleasure did little to help control the desire to continue sipping of her warm fluids and he fought against his animal nature to remove his fangs. Licking the wound closed he sat up with her still impaled on him. “You have no idea of the pleasure you bring to me my love,” her trembling flesh clenching him was too much of a temptation and he thrust upward again.
I felt the desire build again as he slowly arched up and I wished that we could continue loving this way for an eternity. His hands lifted me up and slowly brought me down over and over until I felt my body climax again. Tears rolled down my cheeks at the beauty of our joining and I clung to him tightly as he guided my body until he found his release again. My body ached deliciously and when he lifted me from his body I groaned at the slight pain of being used so well.
Forgive me lover,” he stood and pulled her up to her feet slowly, “I would never wish you pain.” Holding her face in his hand he kissed her cheeks and jaw tenderly before guiding her back toward the falls. The warm water cascaded over her flesh and he felt his body respond again and fought to gain control. She was already aching, he reminded himself focusing instead on caressing away their early proof of passion from her body.  

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