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Friday, December 23, 2011

Interview with Joe Wilson - Writer/Director

Joe Wilson may very well be the hardest working person in the entertainment industry.  Wilson is the writer and director of the incredible youtube series, Vampire Mob an entirely audience funded production.  We are very excited to have the opportunity at Tears of Crimson to share the interview he graciously agreed to give with our readers.  

TOC:  Fist of all, we'd all like to know how "Vampire Mob" happened to be...

JW:    I was working as a private investigator and during an investigation I commented to someone that there's a lot of vampire stories and mafia stories always seem to come back, where's the Vampire Mob story? 

I have written a lot of screenplays that have not yet made it to a screen and I didn't want to wait for someone to give me permission to tell this story, so I didn't. We made this story instead. Best decision, ever. 

TOC:  Vampire Mob is a show without frills about the Mafia and a hitman vampire. What is your background
in that?

JW:   I am not a member of the mafia nor a vampire and have not worked professionally as a hitman. 

I did work as a bartender in Boston and had a couple mob regulars, who definitely inspired some of the characters in Vampire Mob. 

Working as a private investigator also helped as the story has some surprises and twists, I'll leave it at that (spoilers!)

TOC:  How do you keep up with the funding of the show?

JW:    The budget for season two was raised by our audience donating through the web site ( We lost over $6,000 on Kickstarter in October of 2010 because we didn't hit our goal of $10,000. I didn't want to go another round with Kickstarter or Indiegogo and decided to go indie. Since that time we raised over $10,000 to shoot season two, which took six months. 

TOC:  And how do you manage to meet deadlines?

JW:   I keep working, drink lots of coffee and don't sleep much. I don't recommend it. 

TOC:  You have worked on other shows too. Which of them do you find remarkable and/or worth mentioning?

JW:   I wrote for an animated web series called "Like, News" in 1999 and I also directed and produced on a couple of web series made by in 2007, including an episode of "Powerloafing" starring Neil Patrick Harris pre-Dr. Horrible, which he is very funny in. 

TOC:  Which actor would you love to have join the "Vampire Mob" cast?

JW:    I like to work with actors who have chops and want to have fun, if they don't fit that description, I'm not interested. 

TOC:  Do you face problems in finding locations for the show? If yes, we'd love to hear some stories!

JW:  Writing scenes in locations I know I can secure easily has always been the way I make this story. There were only two locations I had in the season two script that I did not have while writing the script. 

I put the word out for ideas and help and that's how I scored one of them.  The other I used Google street maps and did a little location scouting that way. 

A few were stolen locations shot without a permit, including driving around in a car. 

Discover more about Joe Wilson, and the incredible cast of the Vampire Mob by following the links below.

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