Thursday, December 1, 2011

TOC Showcase: Virgil Allen Moore

Demon Vampire  by Author Virgil Allen Moore left me completely mesmerized.  His attention to detail was remarkable, almost poetic at times.  The plot of the story draws you in deeply and uncovers the darkest side of the vampire with almost a perverse beauty of surrendering to the blood lust. The characters are well defined and draws the reader in making them ache to connect with the emotions behind the words.  Demon Vampire has risen to the top of my favorite stories of 2011 and I look forward to walking in Mr. Moore's world again soon.  

Virgil Allen Moore

My name is Virgil Allen Moore. I love to write vampire novels. The thought of crafting magic in a sentence is joyful to me. I can feel the taste of a story on my lips, ready to be written, the characters posed to spring to action. I believe in my characters and letting the story form around them. Something that is crucial to the way I write. There is a beauty in knowing your story, but there is a wizardry to hearing the voice of a character reacting to a given situation. It's amazing.

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