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Ouija Board Experiences - Share yours!

Ouija Board Experiences

When I was a younger teenager I got this gift as a present for Christmas one year, I know ironic gift from your parents right?  I had a group of friends and we would take this board down into our basement and try and call spirits up from beyond the grave.  It was exciting when the board would move around on it's own and it was a great source of entertainment for me and my friends.  All the fun and excitement changed drastically one night when we, being the naive teens we were, attempted to contact something or someone called Captain Howdy.  Don't ask me where that name came from because it wasn't my idea and I honestly don't remember.

We started out just goofing off like we normally did and the board was really moving that night.  I don't know what really spooked us but it felt like there was a decreased temperature in the room and there was this overwhelming sense of doom that filled each and everyone of us.  There were five of us that liked to do this for entertainment and I remember simultaneously we all pulled our hands away from the board like our fingers had been shocked.  After that incident I spent the next week feeling like something was watching me and started having really horrific dreams about that Ouija board and a little boy that had been murdered.

I knew that I had to get rid of that board because I wasn't sleeping at all with it in the same room.  Without telling anyone, I didn't want to hurt my parents feelings for throwing away their gift, I took it from my closet and threw it in the trash outside.  That night I finally managed to get to sleep and I dreamed that the Ouija board had grown arms and legs and walked back upstairs to my room.  It had placed itself back in my closet again.  I remember waking up in a cold sweat.

The minute I woke up I felt the urge to walk over to my closet.  The Ouija board that I had thrown out was sitting in the top of my closet just like in my dream.  I can't even begin to tell you how freaked out I was.  The next day me and my friends took that board outside and burned it.  We got grounded for starting a small fire but I never saw that board again.  To me it was worth the trade off.  Remind me next week to tell you about the stupid seance we had and the horrible consequences of that teenage mistake.

Do you have a Ouija story you'd like to share?  We'd definitely love to hear about your experience!


  1. Ok well my Ouija board experience isn't as cool as Michelle's. But it was an experience. Now mind you I'm 26 and this happened Ohh about a year ago? So I wasn't a little kid messing around to see what would happen. I knew what we were doing.

    My friend got a new Ouija board that glew in the dark. So we turned every light off and had our other friend call the spirits. Now from what Ive learned when calling them, it's not always fool proof but you should ALWAYS as for good spirits and good spirits only. You have no idea who or what your calling forth with these things. So we called the good spirits forward and didn't get much at first. About 20 min in we find out one of our friends didn't believe in this stuff and he was just there bc we invited him over. The rest of us were there bc we believe in this and wanted to communicate to someone. There were 5 of us all together. We asked out nonbeliever friend to go upstairs for a min. Oh forgot to mention we were in the basement. As soon as he left and closed the door we get started again and the curser started to move. It was unreal. I mean when I was a kid we did this but turned out it was one of us moving it. You really need to do this with people you trust. About 10 min later out friend got bored and opened the basement door to come back down and the curser stopped mid move. We yelled at him to shut the door. When it closed we ended up contacting a man from the early 1900s who had been shot 4 times. His name was Jackson something we couldn't make out the last name.

    Yes Ouija boards are fun. But be careful with them!

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  5. Wow, this topic definitely caught my attention! Ouija board experiences have always fascinated me, so I couldn't resist joining the conversation.
    I've had a couple of spine-tingling encounters with the Ouija board myself. One particular story that still gives me chills happened during a sleepover with my friends. We decided to test out the board just for fun, but things quickly took a creepy turn. The planchette began moving rapidly, spelling out words that none of us were touching. It felt like an otherworldly presence was communicating with us. We were so terrified, we quickly said goodbye and closed the session.
    After that experience, I realized the power of the Ouija board and the importance of treating it with respect. It's crucial to approach it with caution and never mock the spirits. I would love to hear other people's Ouija board experiences and how they've approached using it. Let's keep the conversation going!

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