Monday, December 26, 2011

Eyes of a Vampire - Possible Celebrities with Fangs

This post is all in fun, I just wanted to state that for the record before I began.  I believe the eyes are truly the windows to the soul and if that's the case then this list should be right on target.  So if one did believe in vampires where would they look first to find one?  The eyes would give away the true nature of the beast so to speak.  Once the eyes have been studied the next trait of a vampire would be the ability to mesmerize the person they spoke with.  How easily can a person fall under the spell, this is the second step to discovering the hidden vampire.

Consider carefully what I'm telling you here because if you do then perhaps you will uncover the immortal that's been hiding in plain sight.  Remember that "if" vampires truly do exist they would have the ability to change form and for the purpose of this article age to make it seem as if they were just an average human.  Of course if they chose to keep their youth this would also be a possibility.

Taylor Lautner:  How can we not consider Taylor as a potential candidate for vampire even though he played a werewolf?  He has mesmerized women from all age ranges.

Ian Somerhalder:  What better way to hide your true vampire nature than playing one on television?  

Angelina Jolie:  Seriously if we're talking about the eyes or magnetic personality I think she absolutely fits the bill.

Tom Cruise:  I know the going thing is Alien, but I think Vampire is more fitting.  I think there may be something about Tom Cruise that no one has uncovered yet.

Alexander Skarsgard:  Another case of real vampire playing vampire? I can say personally that I can only wish this one were true.

Matt Damon:  Say what you want on this one, there is just something about his eyes that really makes me ponder the possibility.

So who didn't make my list of possibly celebrities with fangs that you think should be here?  I'm really curious so let me know your opinion.  Remember this is all in fun and let your imagination run wild! 


  1. Angelina Jolie really looks like a vampire in that picture

  2. Hmmm Emma you may have something there!

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