Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skyrim Vampires - Taking over Gaming

So what's the latest vampire craze you might ask.  Vampire Diaries is always a hot trending topic, but no we're not talking about a show or a book.  What's really trending this week for Vampires is the video game Skyrim, it's the fifth installment in the Elder Scroll series put out by Bethesda.  This game has some of the best graphics that I've seen and when you add in the fact of being able to become a vampire it pretty much tops my favorite new game purchase.  

Skyrims is a "RPG" single-player game that allows you to fully customize your character and choose what role in your fantasy world you'd like to become.  You can't start off as a vampire but you can contract the disease.  Once you become a vampire you have to feed everyday and find rare artifacts that go along with your new vampire nature.  It's not as easy at it seems to play the undead in Skyrim and the sun will damage you.  Every time you feed you'll get stronger but the suns rays also get more potent.

Being a vampire in Skyrim is not an easy role and it limits your ability to go outside in the daytime, but there are some pretty cool perks if you choose to go this route.  Increased strength and stamina, and you get the ability to persuade people with a little more ease to do your bidding.  For all my friends out there that like the sexier vampires you won't be seeing that in Skyrim.  Really pale, the bone structure is exaggerated, red eyes in other words the demon form of vampire.

There are many more creatures you can choose to play in the world of Skyrim, such as becoming a werewolf. With the Were you are immune to diseases, much more strength, and once a day you get to turn into your wolfy form.  Of course this has drawbacks because if you venture into a town where they don't know you the villagers will attack you even if you're a friend.  If you're looking for a world full of magic and mystical creatures, not to mention a visually outstanding platform you should really check out this game.


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