Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Review

After what seemed like years of waiting, Breaking Dawn (Part 1) finally arrived in theaters. Lovers of the Twilight book series aren't going to be disappointed since for the majority of the show it stays very close to the books.  One thing I wasn't expecting to see that was actually a plus in this writers opinion, was the comedy laced throughout the movie.  The wedding scene was overtaken by the toasts, and I have to admit I was laughing so hard I had trouble catching my breath.  Charlie's (Bella's Father) was truly hilarious and I think his line "I have a gun and I know how to use it" will be embedded in my memories for months. Emmett's toast coming in at a close second letting Bella and the whole world know what he thinks they'll be doing on their honeymoon.

The Honeymoon was wonderful and the breaking of the headboard, which personally I had been waiting for, couldn't have been portrayed better.  Let's just say that feathers will be on most Twilighter's minds for a while.  I have to say that I was pleasantly pleased with Esme's Island and if anyone out there would like to offer me a week there I'll be happy to take it.

I can't forget my favorite Wolfy Man, Jacob Black, who looks just as sexy as ever.  Bibs will be required as our hunky werewolf fills the screen again and the only disappointment over this is that he actually wore a shirt in some of his parts which should be a crime.  Note to the producers, Jacob must ALWAYS be shirtless.

The birth scene was one of the most graphic I have ever seen and I had to cover my eyes at parts.  Yes it does get pretty gory.  It fit with the way the baby was destroying Bella's body and again I can't say anything but positive things about it.

This movie, while not my favorite Twilight movie (as a Jacob fan New Moon will always be numero uno), was incredibly rich in entertainment and I can't wait to see the second part.  I think they made a smart decision by ending up with glimpses of Bella's transformation even though I lost a bet on where the movie would cut for part two.  Definitely 5 stars for Breaking Dawn and I encourage all of our Tears of Crimson friends to take the time and watch it.

Love and Bites,
Michelle Hughes
Author of A Night at Tears of Crimson 

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