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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tears of Crimson - Open Invitation

We are sending out a message to all the vampire lovers out there.  Tears of Crimson, the New Orleans Vampire Bar is excited to announce that we will be reviewing books, bands, stores, and all venues that have a vampire related theme.  It is our opinion that vampire lovers should be one family united under the love of blood and promote their brothers and sisters in unity.   With this credo in mind we are opening the doors at Tears of Crimson to our kind and all that worship them.

The Elders at Tears of Crimson encourage you to visit the official crypt and make the decision to join us.  As the vampire lovers of the world unite we can accomplish great things.  The time for hiding in the shadows is over, be proud of our culture and share your darkness. Our nature is not one of trust so let me assure you that Tears of Crimson will not be asking for any monetary donations for the promotion of your work.  It is our pleasure, and that of the Elders, to share with our family.

There are a few notes that must be addressed as we extend this invitation.  Our Elders have informed us that we must abide by the laws of the human world for now.  With those orders in mind we cannot accept any works that may be considered pornographic in nature.  At Tears of Crimson we meld in with the population to keep the balance in this world and ask that any of our brethren consider this knowledge before submitting your materials.

Thank you for opening your invitation and we look forward to your response.  The promotion of your work will be seen on facebook, twitter, the Tears of Crimson site, RSS, and via Google +.  We ask that you take this into consideration prior to responding to our offer.  May your nights be full of blood and pleasure until we speak again.  Submit your information to Tears of Crimson.

Michelle Hughes
Author of A Night at Tears of Crimson


  1. mcfinley.finley@gmail.comNovember 22, 2011 at 2:54 PM

    @michelle;i wish that i had found u long ago;u are such a great author;i really love your material;ill b a life time with u;xoxo;chris finley

  2. mcfinley.finley@gmail.comNovember 23, 2011 at 1:06 AM

    come now my child'take my hand as we walk the path of the immortal beloved;;

  3. Thanks you so much Chris and we've found each other now so that's all that really matters! Be well my friend until our paths cross again!



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