Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cara and Rafe's First Encounter

As my eyes fell on the man sitting behind an old desk, I felt the breath catch in my throat.  He was undoubtedly the most beautiful creature that I had ever had the pleasure to rest my gaze upon.  He had long, thick, jet-black black hair that fell across the white of his poet's shirt making a startling contrast.  His wide shoulders were those you just wanted to rest you’re head on because you knew they were strong enough to handle all your burdens.  His face could have graced the cover of a romance novel its contours were so incredibly perfect.  I was completely floored and when he raised those deep blue eyes and looked at me it felt like he could see straight into my soul.

"Miss Donovan," the timbre of his voice was deep and seductive, "please have a seat."  He glanced over me briefly and for the first time in my life I wanted a man to truly notice me.  I forced my legs to walk over to the chair before his desk and managed to sit down without falling.  He literally took my breath away and I placed my hands in my lap, clenching them tightly together then forced my eyes to them so I wouldn't gawk at him.

He was all business as he glanced over my application and personally I couldn't even remember why I was in the room at that moment.  "I notice that you have only worked as a waitress in a restaurant, but it appears you are just recently of age to work in this profession," the last was formed as a question and it took me a few seconds before I could find a voice to answer him.

"Yes sir," hating how my voice trembled I continued," I was very loyal to the folks I worked for though and I think they will give me a good reference."  He nodded curtly at my reply and focused once again on my application.

"Loyalty is a rare commodity in this age, and one that I demand of my employee's," again he lifted those mesmerizing eyes and I couldn't tear my gaze away this time.  "Training an employee has many benefits and I prefer working with people that will not bring bad habits from other places into my establishment," his words were clipped and as he looked at me I got the uncanny feeling that he wasn't really seeing me.  To be honest I was somewhat disappointed.

He placed the application back on his desk and his large hands splayed out on either side of it as he stared deeply into my eyes.  "Tell me Miss Donovan, what you know about vampires," his look was so intent that I felt a slight chill but still I couldn't pull my gaze from his.

Nervously I began to speak, "Well Sir, the mythology behind them is rather interesting and I have read a few books and such."  His question was somewhat strange during an interview but he could have asked me about apple pie and I would have gladly given him my opinion on that at the moment.  I wanted to tell this man everything, which was so out of character for me that I should have been shocked.  In truth I wasn't, I just wanted to tell him my whole life story if it meant I wouldn't have to leave his presence.

He smiled somewhat at my answer and his eyes seemed to probe mine even deeper.  "This is a vampire bar and please calls me Rafe,” his smile definitely left me with butterflies, "I wanted you to be aware of that before I offered you employment."  He seemed to be waiting on my response although I wasn't sure what he wanted to hear.

"To be honest I know next to nothing about vampire bars," and I wasn't about to tell him that people running around playing Halloween wasn't really my thing but I needed to pay my bills.

He chuckled softly, at what I have no idea, but the sound was so incredible I could only stare at him.  I honestly didn't think it was possible for him to be any more beautiful but holy sin, him laughing was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen.  He had a heart-stopping smile and I found myself grinning back like a love-sick groupie.  Get it together girl, I reminded myself this is a job interview and the last thing you need to do is have a school-girl crush on your potential boss.  Telling myself that and taking a deep breath did little to stop my heart from racing like I had just run a marathon.

"I pay a minimum wage salary and you keep all your tips except for ten percent which accommodates your bartender," he looked up and waited for my response and those blue eyes were all business once again.  "I expect my employees to report to work on time and to keep all of their personal issues outside of my establishment," pushing my application back he crossed his arms over his chest as if he were closing me off.

"That's sounds fair S.., I mean Rafe," forcing myself to not call him sir would take some getting used to," I honestly don't have a personal life." I wanted to kick myself for revealing that little tidbit of information and I felt my cheeks redden.

He laughed again, "Nor do I Miss Donovan, this business takes a majority of my time as do my travels."  He found that he liked this young woman before him.  There was something untouched and compelling about her that gave him a strange surge of emotion that he had not felt in a long time.  Remembering his position he shook off the foolish emotion.  "You may start tomorrow night at eight," he stood up to his full six foot five inch height and held out his hand.

"Please call me Cara," taking his hand I shivered at the strange coolness of his touch and gasped slightly as he pulled away quickly.  "Th-thank you for the chance to work here," again I found myself nervous and self-conscious and wished that I had more experience with the opposite sex so I wouldn't feel so incredibly awkward.

"You are welcome Cara," he smiled stiffly, "just make me glad I hired you."  Walking over to the door he held it open and I had a moment of regret that our interview was over even if he made me nervous it was almost like being alive for the first time in my life.  I nodded to him and moved quickly out of his office somehow sensing that he wasn't a man who enjoyed idle chatter.

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