Friday, November 4, 2011

The Call of the Vampire

She arched her neck back and his fangs sank deeply into her flesh filling her body with a passion the likes of which she had never known. This to me is better than all the sex scenes in the world when it comes to paranormal romance books. I can't explain just what it is about the thought of those elongated incisors piercing my skin that just makes me envision a perfect night with an incredible lover. Why do any of us enjoy the things that turn us on? The truth is, it doesn't truly matter why, we all just have those little things that make us melt.

If you're a vampire lover like me you can probably relate to that heart racing moment when you get to a scene in a book or a movie when the creature of the night enjoys his first taste of their lover. I know it's probably more politically correct to say victim but I just don't see the bitee in that frame of mind. Even if the darling blood sucker is just enjoying his evening meal I find it incredibly erotic.

The bite is the grand finale but what about the other talents of our fang-bearing friends. How incredible would it be to surrender in the arms of a lover that knew your every thought and could please you according to your own desires? I mean honestly what person out there hasn't wished their lover could read their minds at one time or another? In the case of an older vampire, think of the hundreds or thousands of years he's had to perfect the art of making love. I mention he as the vampire but I'm sure the same concept applies to the female variety as well.

We've got this incredible creature that knows exactly what you want and can make you feel ecstasy like you've never known before. What could be better than that? How about adding in the ability to make you live forever in a perfect body. Talk about the complete package. That just about sums up every fantasy I've ever had since I figured out boys weren't just here to annoy me. Let's not leave out commitment, because seriously eternity with the vampire lover of your dreams just makes the allure even greater.

The critics of vampires might add that there's a downside to vampires. Giving up all the food you love, having to live off blood, and being damned forever those might be valid arguments against them. Personally I can't see where the big decision would be though. Sure there are some points to ponder but in the end let's be real. If you were offered the chance to have immortal life, spend the rest of your eternity with a lover that could fulfill your every desire, wouldn't you take it? If you answer yes then you and I probably have much in common and could probably be life long friends. Those that answered no, well I'll just have to work on you until you see things my way.

Michelle Hughes
Paranormal Romance Author

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