Friday, November 11, 2011

First Taste of Passion - Cara and Rafe and excerpt

Cara come with me,” his voice softened instantly and his eyes lost that murderous glare. The glare had turned to pleading but both looks were so intense that they shook me to my very core. I still wasn’t moving whatever kind of mood he was in I wasn’t real sure I wanted to be a part of it.
I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he smiled grimly his hand outstretched still waiting for me to take it.
I looked up at him wearily but put my hand in his letting him help me out of the car. I hoped I wasn’t making some error in judgment that I was going to seriously regret later. He squeezed my hand gently and smiled somewhat before leading me down a well-worn dirt path that led through the woods. The night seemed to still completely not even a cricket chirped and that was more than a little uncanny.
Where are we going,” I asked him nervously trying to keep the tremor out of my voice. He took so long answering me I wasn’t sure he’d even heard or planned to acknowledge my question. I was about to pull my hand from his if he didn't say something immediately.
I come to this place to clear my thoughts sometimes,” he spoke quietly as if he didn’t want to disturb the nature that surrounded us. I heard the sound of rushing water as he continued to guide me deeper into the forest. When the lush greenery opened into a clearing, I could only gasp at the beautiful vision before me. The full moon illuminated the scene making it seem even more surreal.
A waterfall that seemed to plummet five hundred or more feet above us pooled into a fast moving stream right before my eyes. It was as if someone had taken a picture right out of magazine and placed it in the middle of this secret hiding place. “It’s breathtaking,” I gasped in stunned amazement all thoughts of his strange behavior earlier now out of my thoughts.
Not nearly as breathtaking as you are Cara,” his eyes moved over me greedily and I was shocked at the stark desire in his hypnotic blue eyes.
I had to look away and focus on the tropical paradise before me. I was afraid if I continued to look at him I would be lost in his gaze forever. “I didn’t think you wanted...” I allowed my words to trail off in embarrassment as I almost said me. My eyes fell to my feet not wanting to meet his as my cheeks flushed deeply.
You didn’t think I wanted you,” he questioned with a self-derisive chuckle.
I shook my head no, not sure what I expected him to say and even more unsure if I wanted to know the answer to the question. His hands reached out to stroke my cheek softly and my eyes lifted in complete shock at the tender caress.
I shouldn’t want you Cara,” his hand moving to grasp my chin and he spoke the words looking at me strangely. “I shouldn’t want to undress you now and take your beautiful body in ways I can’t even begin to describe,” he spoke the words as if he hated himself for saying them. His hand tightened on my chin, “If I had any common sense I would walk away from you,” he lowered his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly.
I couldn’t breathe as I felt his lips on mine. My heart was racing so fast it was almost painful as I slid my arms around his neck and I returned his kiss passionately. He pulled away slightly and my eyes lowered to his chest nervously.
Look at me Cara,” he demanded quietly but there was an underlying command in his voice that forced my eyes to his.
As my eyes met his I felt completely overwhelmed by the passion that was so plainly shining from those deep blue orbs. “I don't know what you want,” I whispered miserably. I wanted to tell him that there was a part of me dying to explore this but I was terrified I wouldn't be experienced enough to please him. I had no idea what thoughts were going through his mind but I knew I'd never be happy with a one night start of a casual affair.
Just so you know I never do casual affairs,” his hand lifted my chin firmly making sure I was looking at him. “You intrigue me,” the words were spoken quietly but they spoke so deeply into my heart he might as well have been shouting them. “Tell me right now if you don’t feel the same Cara,” he demanded, “while I can still walk away.”
I nibbled on my lower lip nervously, “I, I feel the same way about you.” I whispered softly and felt a heat that spread through my entire body. It both terrified and exhilarated me at the same time. There were so many things I wanted to tell him. I suck at this, being the main one and that I probably would bore him in a week. I didn’t know much about pleasing men. I, of course, didn’t tell him any of those things.
He smiled at me and the warmth that radiated from his eyes made me tremble. His lips lowered to mine again and I gasped at the coolness of his flesh against mine, which felt like it was on fire. His tongue traced my lower lip causing me to gasp yet again. He took the opportunity to explore my mouth, deepening the kiss.
I grabbed his shoulders, clenching his shirt in my hands as his kiss nearly drove me to my knees. I arched my body into his without thought, needing to be even closer to him. His large hands moved down my back then cupped my backside pulling me against the evidence of his desire. I whimpered without thinking, wanting him desperately yet still afraid of how fast things were moving.
His hand lowered to one of my legs and he lifted it pulling it around his waist and holding it there. The unbelievable pleasure that moved through me as his shaft pressed against my core through my skirt, paralyzed me. So this is passion I thought to myself, breathless with anticipation before again allowing fear to grab the reigns. I pulled my lips from his breathlessly and struggled to catch a breath.
I’m afraid,” I allowed the weak words to slip through my lips and lowered my head to his shoulder trying to think through the emotions that were conflicting inside of me. I wanted him so badly but there was a part of me that still demanded I hold back. I was shivering uncontrollably by this point, fear taking complete control over the passion as I allowed myself time to think.
He slowly lowered my leg and pulled me against his chest holding me tightly to him. His hands moved to my hair caressing it gently and it was easy to see that he was fighting to control his own needs. “I’m sorry,” I whispered against his chest feeling like a complete idiot. This was the one time in my life I wished that I knew as much as other women my age, because the thought of disappointing him made my heart ache.
There is nothing to be sorry for,” he spoke the words quietly but I could hear the frustration in his voice. “I should take you home,” he continued to stroke my hair and I felt tears fill my eyes at his words.
I don’t want to leave,” the words fell from my lips quickly wishing I had the nerve to throw myself back into his arms and give him what we both seemed to crave.
You make it so hard to do the right thing Cara,” He tightened his arms around me and I allowed my arms to tighten as well not wanting to give up this chance. He pulled back somewhat and looked down into my face and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his. “You are exhausted and it’s close to dawn,” he smiled warmly and it met his eyes, “Sunday night?”

An excerpt from A Night at Tears of Crimson


  1. Wonderfully written. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat reading it. I want more! Passion igniting words that draw you into the story!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Rafe and Cara are so much a part of me that I lose myself when I write them.


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