Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting to know Cara Faith Donovan

Cara Faith Donovan is the leading character in a Night at Tears of Crimson and it's her beautiful face that graces the cover.  Okay, the real person gracing the cover is Candace LeRae, my cousin from Florida.  But if Cara could be portrayed by anyone it would definitely be Candace.  Many people have asked me why I didn't include a couple on the face of my first book and the answer to that question is easy.  I fell in love with this picture of Candace when I first saw it and A Night at Tears of Crimson is told from her viewpoint.  I knew I was taking a big risk by not showing the "man candy" on the first book in the series, but my heart told me this was the right way to go.

In A Night at Tears of Crimson we follow the story of the beautiful young lady from Alabama who is trying to adjust from losing her grandmother.  Her entire life prior to this huge devastating event revolved around doing the right thing out of the strong moral conviction her grandmother raised her to follow.  We discover that her eyes had been sheltered from the real world by living in a small home town which adds a touch of naivety that isn't found often in a young woman her age.

While Cara was living out her grandmothers ideals for a wholesome life, she was harboring a dream to become a famous singer.  Those dreams were kept hidden until she is left with the choice to remain and live out another persons thoughts or make her own choices in life.  She chooses to move to New Orleans since it was the only place her and her grandmother had ever traveled to.  They had done mission work for the church in the French Quarter and that memory had remained in her thoughts compelling her to take a chance on finding something other than church socials to attend.

A Night at Tears of Crimson truly begins when Cara finds the New Orleans Vampire bar and meets the owner, Rafael Santiago.  She is instantly intrigued by the mystery that surrounds him and an awakening first desire.  During her journey she unravels the truth about Rafael (Rafe) and has to make the decision about staying true to the values that her grandmother raised her with, or take a chance to walk in darkness with the first man who has stolen her heart.

The second book in the series will continue with Eternal Crimson, releasing June 2012 with co-author Sarah Snyder.  I refer to Eternal Crimson as the grown up version because innocence can never be retained forever.  With each choice Cara makes there is a change in her experiences that demand a deeper level of understanding.  I look forward to sharing Cara's journey with you and exploring the mythology of the world that she evolves from.


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