Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting to know Gabriel

Gabriel the Conqueror as he was known in 384 BC by his friends of the time Eduardo the Seer , and Nathaniel the Noble and six other friends who have not been named yet.  Gabe, Eduardo and Nathaniel were noble men of their time who had a secret brotherhood that studied dark magic.  They met weekly at a destination that to this day is still unrecorded or revealed.  For two years prior to the great awakening they practiced many forms of dark spiritual magic in the attempt to gain power beyond their meek human standards.  Eduardo was the strongest of the group and spent most of his free time attempting to uncover mystic legends that would lead them to greatness.

On the night of the great transformation they called a circle and summoned the dragon (this creature would be known as Satan and a dozen other names in certain religions, needless to say he is the darkness of spirit).  Nathaniel protested this summoning of the dragon but his brothers refused to allow him to leave the circle as they feared that he would speak to others about the acts they were committing.  During this time frame it was illegal to practice dark magic and a sentence of death was the price if they were discovered.

The Dragon drew Gabe and the rest of the brothers into his presence and transported them to Singe Tsigan (the planet of Crimson Darkness where no sunlight ever touched).  Nathaniel was sacrificed as the weakest of the clan and taken to reside with the Dragon in the lower realms.  Gabe returned to the human realm as a vampire.  Eduardo became the leader or the Elders the vampire Kingdom on Earth and the other realm.  Gabe became his second in command.  From that moment they created vampires and they all fell under the rule of Eduardo.

Gabe is said to be 6'4 with blonde hair that fell across his massive shoulders, “and he was clad in black leather from head to boots. He was irresistibly handsome but the ice his cold eyes was putting off, definitely left you thinking more about murder than desire.”   He was married only once and she tamed the demon that resided within him while she walked the earth.  She was murdered ruthlessly and Gabe when on a killing spree killing the entire village that was responsible for his beloved’s death.  After her death the human race was nothing more than a life sustaining species beneath his mentioning.

Gabe is ruthless taking what he wants and feeling it is his due.  He is known to be a dominant and enjoys playing in the dungeon.  He has no problem compelling women or men for that matter to please him sexually or becoming his dinner.  He is Rafe’s creator.

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